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Image de Vincent NICOLAS

The Esplanade District

From the banks of the Ill to the Port du Rhin, the Esplanade-Bourse-Krutenau sector covers the south-east of the city center and presents a contrasting urban landscape.

La Krutenau is a historic district and a former popular district, renovated in the 1970s and rehabilitated in the 1980s. The Bourse district was built on the site of former barracks between 1910 and 1950. The Esplanade, a modern district in the 60, is the last extension of Downtown to the East. It leaves ample room for the university campus and enhances the remains of Vauban's citadel.

These three urban ensembles with strong identities cover an area of 182 ha, bordered to the east and south by the Dusuzeau basin, to the west by the Hospices Civils and the quays of the Ill, to the north by the boulevard de Victory and rue Vauban. The district has excellent accessibility, whether by public transport (Tram + bus lines), by car (RN4 service, motorway access, etc.), by waterway (basins + Ill) or even by the network. of cycle paths which is dense there.

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